In the early 1980s plans were discussed to open a landfill site in Blewett. Many residents objected to this idea and felt a need, since there are no zoning bylaws, to respond with a strong voice. Hence the Blewett Conservation Society was formed.


Our Mission

The Blewett Conservation Society’s mandate is to keep a close watch on any ‘influences and actions’ that might have an impact on the Blewett community, in the areas of: the environment, watersheds, and the community at large. The BCS advocates for the community, and involves the whole community through public meetings and educational outreach.

Since 1981 BCS has helped accomplish local community goals in environmental protection. We hope to inspire local action to make a global difference in the world.
— (BCS) President, John Vanden Heuvel

What We've Achieved

  • Successfully lobbying against a proposed dump site
  • Reviewing and commenting on proposed mining activities
  • Rallying against wood waste burning beside 49Creek
  • Initiating water testing in Kootenay River at Taghum Beach Regional Park
  • Rallying to keep farm land within the ALR
  • Protecting turtle habitat at Grohman Narrows
  • Building community connection through Garden Tours
  • Public talk and discussion with Corky Evans, MLA, Jim Gouk, MP and provincial mining inspector
  • Public forum and discussion with the candidates for Director, RDCK Area E