Update on Dirt Bike Recreation Area Proposal in Rover Creek Watershed

A year ago, local residents heard about a proposal by a West Kootenay Dirt Bike Club to put a Off Road Vehicle Recreation Area in the Rover Creek watershed of Blewett. The reaction to the proposal by residents of Blewett, South Slocan and Shoreacres was so great that Justin Dexter of the Ministry of Forests Lands and Resources called a public meeting. Over 30 people attended and concerns as diverse as noise, wildlife, forest fires and water protection were voiced. As a result of that meeting, a committee to examine the proposal and proceed with recreational planning for the area was struck, made up of members representing community organizations including the BCS.
A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) about how the Dirt Bike Area will be managed is now in the works. Forest fire hazard continues to be a primary concern. Noise continues to be a concern especially for residents of Shoreacres and South Slocan, less for Blewett. Also of deep concern is disturbance of wildlife, especially during the spring mating/nesting/calving season. And, of course, impacts on water.
There is still time to get involved or give your input to this process if you have any concerns. E-mail BCS at blewettcs@shaw.ca for more information.