ATCO Forestry Plan

ATCO Wood Products are proposing to develop cut blocks in the Granite and Glade Creek areas just west of Blewett. They plan to access the blocks from the Rover Creek Forest Service Road. BCS is opposed to the proposed development for the following reasons:

1. A portion of Glade Creek has been proven unstable due partially to a flume that was constructed in and along the channel back in the 1950s or so.
2. An assessment is needed to determine the current stability in the whole of Glade Creek, there are water users located in the community of Glade that depend on that creek for drinking water and irrigation.
3. The Rover Creek area is already impacted by multiple activities (dumping, motorized recreation, logging, mining exploration, etc.) which continues to compromise refuge in the area for wildlife.

The Blewett Watershed Committee has written a letter to ATCO to assert our opposition to the cut block development. We will keep you informed on this important issue...